Biomass Power

Biomass energy production for industry

Within Marathon's capability are experienced biomass power plant designers, developers, and engineers. Our team has design/build experience with biomass power facilities and has expertise in other alternative energy system designs as well.

Hydro Power

Run of the river Hydro Power Plants as well as River Dams

Our team members include experienced hydro power designers, developers, and engineers. Our team has designed and completed several hydro power facilities across the globe and has expertise in river management, engineering, hydro power design, and power plant maintenance. We are currently and the procurement stage for a 60 megawatt run of the river hydro power plant today.


Solar Farm Development and Integration

Harnessing the power of the sun

Within the solar industry we are capable of delivering solar farms ranging in size from 1 megawatt upward to a several 100 megawatts and beyond. Immediately, we are in the process of negotiating a 20 Megawatt solar farm which will extend to a 100 megawatt farm after the proof of concept phase.


Alternative Energy

LED solutions are one of the many alternative energy solutions offered by Marathon

LED’s are a great alternative to conventional lighting solutions utilized across the globe today. LEDs offer a way to reduce energy usage, increase lighting capacity, and create a better, quality light. In one example, we were able to reduce a client’s energy usage by 58% while increasing the lumen output by 110%. In another example, we reduced a hotel’s light energy consumption by nearly 90% with an ROI of only 9 months.

Contract Mining

Coal and Natural Gas are both non-renewable energy sources

Mining is an integral part of providing non-renewable sources of energy. Coal fired power plants need mining as a continual source of fuel.