Engineering Professionals

Marathon's team offers a wide variety of technical expertise in the areas of civil, mechanical, electrical, environmental engineering and geological sciences. These services encompass our technical expertise in numerous fields including traditional geotechnical engineering, sinkhole investigations, environmental assessment of water and land, and construction management. Additional expertise includes structural engineering, materials engineering, infrastructure improvement, water quality enhancement, and sustainability. Our personnel have accumulated many years of combined experience in assessing and evaluating infrastructure for purposes of innovative design. This experience and training allows us to provide breakthrough solutions for a broad spectrum of problems.

System development and design capability

Every project requires engineering at various stages and levels. Within Marathon, we provide a variety of engineering services including:



Energy  *  Water  *  Roads  *  Infrastructure

  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Geo Technical Engineering
  • Structural Design
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Site Planning and Design
  • Water Quality Assessment
  • Forensic Structural and Damage Assessments
  • Development Services
  • Threshold Inspections
  • Project Management
  • Structural Analysis
  • General Site Assessments