Within our consortium, we have completed over $3 billion in engineering, mining, energy and management projects globally.


In the following projects our team operated as the primary consultant to the EPC Developer/Owner providing Feasibility, Financial modeling, Environmental, Permitting, Cross-Border Project Financing (construction and long term), Negotiation of all documents (EPC, financing and local).


Cheves, Peru — The power station consists of two aggregates with a total installed capacity of 172 MW and exploits a gross head of 600 meters.


The Cheves hydropower plant started commercial operations in late August 2015, and will have a annual generation of around 840 GWh based on water from the Andes. The electricity generated will be sold on a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with eight local distribution companies.



La Higeira, Chile — The run-of-river La Higuera power plant in the Coquimbo region of Chile has a capacity of 155 MW and generates annually 761 GWh of renewable energy to the Chilean grid. Commercial operation began in 2010.


La Confluencia, Chile — The project consisted of the development, construction, and operation of a 158 MW run-of-the-river hydro power plant. Being a run-of-the-river hydropower plant, the project generates power at a very low cost generating 157 MW of power and commenced operations in 2010.



Munali Hills Mazabuka, Southern Zambia — Marathon has performed exclusive turnkey construction and earthworks contracts from design to procurement and from logistics to final installation in Sub-Sahara Africa and Zambia. We also utilized a spectrum of US based specialized mechanical and electrical engineers to manage these projects up to and until completion. As part of the fulfillment process, we provided training to local operators and end users. These projects are quarry solutions consisting of high capacity rock crushing plants, provisioning and delivery of earth moving equipment, as well as fundamental support for large capacity cement processing batch plant.

Solar — Our team is very much involved in Solar Energy as a renewable source of power. Through the many stages of developing and completing a solar farm from feasibility studies to power connection we have the capability to accomplish any size project. Pictured here are several projects our team has completed over of the years.