Marathon Engineering Consortium was founded to address the growing needs and new opportunities arising within the engineering, infrastructure, water and energy sectors worldwide.


We are a multidisciplinary consortium specializing in early stage project development, provisioned engineering, mid-level project growth, and late stage project completion specifically focused on navigating the complex nature of infrastructure, water, renewable, non-renewable and alternative energy needs.


No matter what stage or size a project, we have the team capable of moving it forward.bulb

Combining unique experience and comprehensive capabilities honed over the last thirty years, we collaborate with our clients to help them achieve an optimal solution. We aim to provide our clients a tailored service that is specific to their requirements and adds value to their project goals. Utilizing our expertise, extensive industry knowledge and broad technological know how, we work constantly to identify new trends and technologies to adapt and develop enhanced solutions for our clients’ projects.


Our core capabilities include:

  • Early Stage Project Development - including project feasibility, definition, initiation and planning, engineering
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction Development
  • Contract Mining
  • Project Support Services
  • Hauling and Logistics
  • Project Management
  • Project Financing
  • Project Procurement Support